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Birth Journal

Get Your Birth Journal (Janam Kundali)

When a child is born in a family, each and every person is looking for a unique name for their child. Deciding the name of your child is a very difficult decision. As this name will be used to represent your child throughout his life. In order to know about the various name, people make use of the birth journal. This birth journal contains different names and you can choose from these names. You can choose the name that you feel suitable for your child.

We have collected some of the names for you which will help you in deciding.A newborn needs a name which is according to the Vedic astrology so that you can ensure he will lead a successful and beautiful life as well.

And at our prices, you can easily make sure that you embrace the power of the dose of daily astrology by letting us pick out the best name for your newborn from our birth chart.

The price for one meeting with the Astrologer for a session of name suggestion stands at a minimum cost, which is a price you cannot refuse!

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